We have all heard unsubstantiated stories that we accepted without query. It exists in every human endeavor and the locksmith profession is not an exception, it is called myths about locks and locksmiths where certain statements allude to locksmiths and locks as statements of facts, and we all accept it without asking questions.

This article is dedicated to debunking such unfounded lies and setting the records straight so you can know the truth. Below are seven myths debunked about locks and locksmiths, read on:

Myth #1: All deadbolt locks are secure

A deadbolt lock is a lock without spring; the bolt moves by turning the key or knob. Opening or locking a deadbolt lock is done by turning the knob or key left or right to have the lock open or locked. The myth is that these types of locks are the most secure and favorite of commercial establishments because of their unbreakable feature and rigidity. They have labeled grade 1 locks and described them as the most secure, unlike grade 2 locks that are cheap.


  1. Deadbolt locks are used in any facility and not redistricted to commercial outfits only;
  2. All locks can be compromised; the safety of any lock depends on the additional security features provided by the owner;
  3. The cheapest of locks are grade 3 variety which serves only to have the key in places where high security locks are not required.
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Myth #2: Thieves can easily pick any lock

Many people take the claim that thieves can pick any lock as valid. The reason is that locks are an industrial item and thieves do have the skills of locksmiths to access any lock of their choice.


This claim is not valid.

  1. You need to note that locksmiths do take time to resolve lock issues and sometimes it is tough to pick locks even with the best locksmith at work;
  2. As thieves are improving their skills so are lock technologists developing advanced locks that defy break-in for thieves;
  3. As long as you procure a high-security lock for your facility, break-in is highly restricted for any thief! If you need maximum safety, talk to your locksmith regarding high-security locks.

Myth #3: All it takes is a magnet or super glue to remove a broken key

When a key breaks inside the lock, this statement claims a magnet or superglue would remove it. One wonders where that fallacy originates.


False statement! Unless you want to sleep by the door, till morning time, don’t call a professional locksmith in Winnipeg to help remove the broken key and fix it for you, keep on passing glue, and let’s see the broken part come out; the reason is:

  1. Most keys are brass, and no magnet will attract it and using super glue would permanently seal off the key in the lock’s keyhole;
  2. Only a professional locksmith can remove a broken key.

Myth #4: A locksmith’s services are needed only in a lock-out


This statement is false! Do you buy the assertion that a local locksmith‘s only function is to solve lock-out cases? Well, we have heard people say that. Some homeowner even thinks their furniture makers or carpenters are the people who fix locks and replace them when they are bad. The truth is:

  1. A locksmith deals with any lock’s related case including fitting new locks, repairing bad locks, fixing key issues, and in modern locks, providing electronic services like setting, re-coding, programming, and even high-security locks in safes and strong rooms in banks. CCTV camera installation and any access security and safety-related issues in the home, offices, warehouses, stores, and cars.

Myth #5: Locksmiths are experts and can quickly do their jobs

They claim locksmiths are experts who can fix any lock with their eyes closed within minutes. People who believe this claim often look disappointed when their locksmiths are taking more time to set a lock they thought he would just do some abracadabra (say magic words) and have it opened.


This is untrue!

  1. A locksmith is like any professional out there; they need time to figure out the problem and find a solution;
  2. After a locksmith knows the solution to apply, he takes his time to do it right so he won’t spoil your lock and cause you avoidable expenses;
  3. When it’s easy, which may happen in some cases, you are in luck, if it takes longer than you expect, don’t hurry him up because he needs time to think and fix your lock.

Myth #6: Restricted keys offered by companies are safe

People claim that restricted keys from established lock companies are safer and more reliable than what you get from locksmiths.


Nothing can be further from the truth!

  1. Company keys aren’t any better; in fact, these keys are easier to duplicate than anyone around.
  2. The term ‘restricted’ only refers to the policy guiding the distribution of the keys and has nothing to do with duplicating it;
  3. You have been deceived by the term ‘restricted’ now you know better!

Myth # 7: The law protects Do Not Duplicate’ keys

The warning ‘Do Not Duplicate’ is taken to mean protection by law from duplicating the key and people thought these keys were safe.


This claim is not valid and not safe at all! I will tell you what is safe and what is not safe.

  1. What is not safe is when you need to duplicate your key for security reasons, and you didn’t get people to copy it for you, then you know it’s not appropriate to have a key with such an inscription on it.
  2. The law has no connection with the key, and the deterrent statement discourages locksmiths from touching your key, but will a criminal listen to such a worded warning? Do you want safety locks? Ask your locksmith in Winnipeg for High-security locks!

You don’t have to go with myths; they are hearsay that won’t do you any good when you need to fix your locks. If you live in Winnipeg and require a reliable 24-hour locksmith Winnipeg, contact Winnipeg Pure Locksmith for all your locks issues. They are Canadian best, proudly established over ten years ago to provide cutting-edge locksmith solutions. Call them now!