are you locked out of your business and you are losing money by the minute?

Do  you need the services of a reputable commercial locksmith Winnipeg? Are  you looking for a local locksmith Winnipeg to tighten the security of  your store of business? Do not stress out; Winnipeg Pure Locksmith is  here to respond to your call within a few minutes to help secure your  business with high security lock Winnipeg and get you out of a lockout  situation.

Your  business is very significant to your livelihood, and the safety of your  business is crucial to your peace of mind. Winnipeg Pure Locksmith is  an extremely dependable local locksmith in Winnipeg providing topnotch  commercial locksmith; change locks Winnipeg, rekey locks Winnipeg, we  can program your key, emergency locksmith, 24 hour locksmith Winnipeg  and high security lock services. We have an extensive collection of  commercial locksmith services.


Winnipeg  Pure Locksmith is a fully licensed, bonded and insured 24 hour  locksmith Winnipeg best for all types of commercial locksmith services  in Winnipeg.  Our locksmiths are full-time, professional, and  experienced locksmiths who are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.  Also, our services are fast, and we attend promptly to your requests  because we are both a local locksmith company and your reliable 24 hour  locksmith Winnipeg. We will be at your place of call within 15 minutes,  give or take.


At  Winnipeg Pure Locksmith, we provide a wide range of commercial  locksmith services in Winnipeg to meet the needs of our clients in and  around Winnipeg with regards to their locks, keys, lockout scenarios,  and high security lock Winnipeg.

Here are just a few of the commercial  locksmith services you can contact us for: 

Installation of New Locks

This  is the primary function of a commercial locksmith. We install new  indoor and outdoor locks for your business. Whether you want the  installation of keyed or keyless locks, you can trust Winnipeg Pure  Locksmith. We have highly trained and certified locksmith Winnipeg to  install new locks for the security of your business.


Did  you just lay off some staff who have access to the keys of your  business? Asking for the return of important keys could cause a grudge  and security threat. We will help you install new locks, and you can  have peace of mind knowing that your business is protected from attack  from whoever has previous keys to your business.


Repair and Rekey Locks In Winnipeg

 When  the locks to your business, whether indoor or outdoor locks, get  damaged, such locks need urgent repair or rekey locks Winnipeg. Your  locks may damage due to natural wear and tear. As your local locksmith  and the reliable commercial locksmith Winnipeg, we will repair your  damaged locks extract keys stuck in locks and rekey them to operate with  new keys. We will replace the internal tumbler with a new one which is  as good as changing your locks because old keys cannot be used to  operate them any longer. 

Emergency Lockout Situations

 When  you lost the keys to your office or the key got broken in the lock, it  is crucial that you call a local locksmith that offers fast commercial  locksmith services and provides lockout solution. Winnipeg Pure  Locksmith is the suitable 24 hour locksmith Winnipeg to call. Know that  each minute that your business remains shut, you are losing money.  Contact us immediately, we will come straight to your location within 15  minutes and help to open your locks, and you can start the day’s  business.  


Master Key Systems

As  your trusted commercial locksmith in Winnipeg, we offer the master key  system to restrict entrance to certain areas and to avoid carrying a  heavy bunch of keys around. Convenience is part of security, take the  security of your business or workplace to another level with the master  key services provided by Winnipeg Pure Locksmith.  

Safe Opening and Installation

 When  you forget the code to your safe, do not force it open, call Winnipeg  Pure Locksmith. We will open your safe and change the combination  without drilling your safe or causing any damage to its body. We can  also help to install a new safe with our professional and experienced  Mobile Locksmith In Winnipeg .  

Winnipeg  Pure Locksmith is your ideal local locksmith and the ideal commercial  locksmith Winnipeg for you. We are your 24 hour locksmith Winnipeg, and  we are always available for your commercial locksmith services. Your  100% satisfaction is guaranteed when you choose us for your project.  Contact us today, and we shall help to secure to business.


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