One of the purposes of locks is to prevent unauthorized access to your property. That is, it gives you a sense of safety while you are away doing your normal business. But there are times burglars force their ways into your premises and cart away valuable items.

While locks are there to deter burglars, there is the need for additional measures to discourage them from making you a target. Burglars, like all criminals, don’t want to be caught and so they look for soft targets, places of lease resistance to commit their crimes and walk away unnoticed, this is why you need to pay close attention to the safety of your property.

The following are ways to prevent burglars from your home:

Locks, Locks, and Lock your doors

Any property with lock no matter how feeble will deter entry. Because these criminals don’t want to be caught, they will instead go to a property where there is no lock in place. If you have a fenced property, lock it against unauthorized access. Do the same for the main entrance to your house and if possible, lock the inner doors as well if you are leaving the house for whatever reason.

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Don’t tell strangers your whereabouts/location

I understand how tempting it is to announce your location on social media such as Facebook, but you know what, you may be given burglars the information they need to strike at your house or office. Knowing you are not at around gives them the confidence to hit you; they take their time to break in and leave without anyone challenging them.

Install Burglar Alarm System

One thing any professional locksmith does well is finding you the right burglary deterrent alarm system to raise the alarm anytime anyone tries to break into your house. Noting that thieves fear being caught and any noise in your vicinity will distract them from going through with their dirty job.

If you currently have a burglar alarm, you might need to upgrade it to modern alarms that give you the opportunity to locate the gadget anywhere you want it.

Key your keys away from unauthorized access

While your locks are securely locked, you could compromise your own security by carelessly leave your keys where people of nefarious characters may find it and duplicate it to use later. Hide your keys so you won’t give thieves access to your properties. If you fear is whether you may not know where you kept it, take confidence in your local locksmith, that he will come to your aid anytime you misplace your keys.

Install indoor and courtyard lights

You need to know that thieves do not like light; there like darkness and you will be giving them what they love to operate with if you didn’t maintain a well-lit environment. Design your outside light to be brighter at night, while the interior lights are moderate.

When people see someone entering your premises, it will raise suspicion and may call the police just in case their suspicion was right.

Control your light remotely

You can design your lighting in a way that only a few would be switched on, all the time; the other ones will be switched on when you need it. There is light control from a phone, wristwatch, and other remote devices; you don’t have to rush to the switch on the wall to control your security lighting system.

Be-careful with regular delivery guys

Burglars are patience people; they can stalk you for months following your day-in, day-out activities to get the rhythm of your everyday activities. When they know you have regular deliveries, they could leverage on delivery guys to rob you. Again, regular delivery can compromise your security when you are on holiday, and your neighbors will not be able to challenge them since that was your routine.

Keep your car in the driveway

Psychologically, no one will expect people not ready to drive away to leave their cars on the road. Doing so shows you are around and will be moving anytime soon. Therefore, if you are not staying at home and you are not going in your car, it helps to keep it on the drive to give the impression you are around and going out soon.

Install closed circuit television (CCTV) camera

CCTV is a significant burglar deterrent device because nobody wants to be seen or caught pants down; even if it’s for the fun of it, no one will dare being captured breaking your home as the police will track them down! When installing your CCTV, make it visible for everyone to see it.

Also, install hidden cameras to cover the visible ones, in case they vandalize it, the hidden cam will show who did it.

However, burglars won’t dare come into your premises because they may also reason there would be hidden ones they didn’t see. For well planned CCTV installation, you could talk to your local locksmith for CCTV installation cost and get a quote to get it installed for you.

Be a good neighbor

It is a mistake to be an island in a community of people. Unless you are the only one where your house is built, do make sure to be a good and friendly neighbor so that your neighbors could have your back when it matters most.

There are much more ideas on how to deter burglars; you could get more if you talk to a professional locksmith about a different way to enhance your security.

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