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Many homeowners are fascinated when they learn about rekey lock locksmith services. Yes, Rekey Locks Winnipeg service will bring so much excitement because it shows the skill set of a professional locksmith to delve into the realm of the technologist to bring out a new key in your old one. It is also exciting because it saves homeowners the steep expense of changing locks in Winnipeg and that’s a cool feeling.

There are two options for the homeowner about their locks. They can choose to change locks or take the rekey choice to save money. However, this article will educate you on what best option to make and why.

But first, let’s understand the confusing terms:

What is rekeying a lock?

I know many homeowners know what it means to change locks. Yes, you guessed right if you think changing locks means replacing your old locks with new ones.

But rekeying implies something different.

Let me explain. To every lock is a matching key that can open it; when we rekey locks, we are merely giving the locks a new set of keys, and the old keys won’t open again, never! The process of rekeying is undertaken by an experienced locksmith who takes apart the lock’s inner parts and replaces the tumbler or key pins. The key-pins are set to fit the new key, and after it’s coupled back, the old key won’t work on the lock anymore except the new set of keys.

To rekey locks requires the locksmith to have the old matching key, but in case the old key is missing, and the client suspects the lock might be compromised, the lock can be picked and a new key provided.

Will the rekey lock compromise the security of the lock?

No. rekeying is safe and strengthens the lock’s security. If you are not the first user of the lock, rekeying gives you the assurance you are now the only one with the access key to the lock. The old way you might have a problem is if your local locksmith didn’t do a perfect job by swapping the old pins with new ones, the lock would be secure for use.

Differences between rekeying and changing locks

Now that you understand what both terms mean let’s compare the two to know what stand them apart.

  • Cost. In cost terms, rekeying locks are cheaper compared to changing locks. The cost of procuring the key pins is meager compared to how much it costs to buy a new lock.
  • Locks are designed to be rekeyed. Every lock was intended with a rekey option in mind just in case you want to change keys to your lock. But it is worthy of note that different locks have different ways to rekey them. What works for one may be different for another. Some high-security locks need a unique set of tools and craftsmanship to rekey them.
  • Need to carry fewer keys. There are times you want to reduce the loads of keys you carry. In such instances, you may decide to give your entire locks just one key to open them. This makes it convenient to use one key for all your doors.

Rekeying locks has its advantages; we consider some below:

  1. Increased sense of security. When you feel your lock security has been compromised, you can order to rekey locks for peace of mind. It is useful for new owners who want to nullify the old sets of keys the previous occupants had used. This helps to have the confidence you are the only one with access to your apartment.
  2. Cost-effective. Changing the lock is pricey, but rekeying helps to keep your costs down and efficient. With a few bucks in labor costs and very inexpensive cost of replacing lock pins, you are good to go with a new set of keys at a price that is affordable and won’t hurt your finances.
  3. It’s fast and easy. Rekeying your lock takes a fraction of the time to accomplish for an experienced locksmith. The expert locksmith has all the tools to replace the pins and set it with the new key, all these take less than an hour to accomplish, and you are a proud owner of a new set of keys for your lock.

Disadvantages of rekeying locks

  1. Limited security upgrades. Security issues need more boost than just rekeying your locks. Although rekey locks work, but an atmosphere of heightened security concern, it’s a low-grade security provision with the same locks in place.

On the other hand, changing locks has its advantage over rekeying locks. If your old lock isn’t a high-security lock, changing your lock strengthens your security better than changing the key. A new lock will give you enhanced security to protect your property better than the old one would provide.

If the old lock isn’t a high-security lock, you may need to replace it if the location is the external end of your home. The following are the advantages of changing lock over rekeying:

  1. Customize your security. With the advice of your locksmith, you may need to customize your security to give you the peace of mind you deserve. In this case, you have the opportunity to influence how your locks look and feel. An experienced locksmith can introduce new security measures that will make your lock hard to breach, which may not be possible with the current lock!
  2. The guarantee for the new lock. When you choose Change Lock in Winnipeg, you have a more reliable lock and meet the latest technology to boost your security.
  3. Room for upgrades. When you plan your locks, you can bring innovation to how each one will function. Such preplanning gives you ample room for improvement in the future. While rekeying cannot offer an upgrade for your lock, changing will.

On the disadvantage side of replacing locks, I submit as follows:

  1. It’s a costly option. While rekeying gives you a low-cost alternative to your lock issue, changing locks is expensive. In case you don’t need a high-security lock; it’s a waste of money to change the lock!

Homeowners need to work with experts to determine what is best and ideal for them. If you live in Winnipeg and searching for an answer to rekey locks in Winnipeg, you can contact Winnipeg Pure Locksmith right away. As an experienced locksmith in Winnipeg with an unbroken reputation, they are in the best position to guide you to make the best cost-effective choice.

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