The Differences in the Master and Regular Locksmiths

For a locksmith, there are critical stepping stones for their careers. The first step is deciding to learn the trade while the second step is finding a master locksmith to have you as an apprentice. After the necessary training, the most important of a locksmith professional journey is passing the locksmith qualification test that upgrades you from apprenticeship cadre to a master lock handler. Becoming a master locksmith is the selling point if your goal is to have a steady business with a guarantee of quality work under industry regulations.

So who is a master locksmith?

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A master locksmith is a trained, qualified, certificated and insured lock expert that specialises in everything locks; he is a member of master locksmith association, trains and employs locksmiths to deliver cutting-edge locksmith services under his supervision.

Who is a regular locksmith?

Think of the opposite of the master locksmith, and you have a regular locksmith. A regular locksmith is a locksmith with limited is different areas of locksmith services. He is trained to an extent but does not have the credentials of a master locksmith, and his objective is to make quick money for survival. Usually, the regular locksmith should be working under the tutelage of a master locksmith to gain more knowledge, learn the art of locksmith business and become a member of professional locksmith association.

While a regular locksmith can handle a couple of locks and render some locksmith services, he is not as deeply knowledgeable in the trade both as a professional and a business person to be trusted with jobs requiring a high level of responsibility. Below is what differentiates the master locksmith from the regular locksmith:


While the master locksmith undergoes some qualification tests to become a master in the trade, the regular locksmith most time only learn the locksmith trade from his master and go on practising without subjecting himself to any industry regulation. The difference here is that the master locksmith has a name, integrity and his certification to protect, the regular locks technician has nothing to lose.

Locksmith is a growing industry with new lock technology hitting the market from time to time; the master locksmith continue to update his knowledge and acquiring new tools, but the regular locksmith lives by his old training without efforts to be current.

Certification tests are increasingly difficulty

In Canada, each province regulates the affairs of locksmiths; as a result, the industry is mostly self-regulated with members joining the locksmith association in their region. There are tests released regularly to ascertain practitioner’s knowledge in locks handling and test their ability in moving with advancement in locks technology. While the regular locksmith mostly lacks behind in updating his knowledge with update tests, the professional master locksmith sees taking the test as an essential step to establish his authority in the business of locks.

Industry Experience

Once the professional locksmith attains his level of Master, this will change his way of engagement with clients and how he does his business. After achieving his certification and still taking more tests to update his knowledge, he becomes versed in the industry’s best practice and knows what to do at every point of his interaction with locks-related issues. For the regular locksmith, he may occasionally solve locks problems for his clients, but he lacks industry experience to keep up with trends in the business.

Business acumen

For the master locksmith, he understands the difference between technical and business knowledge. He knows that he needs to continue to engage his clients because it is not about the money he gets now, it is about being able to retain his clients to make more sales. Unlike the regular locksmith whose only thinking is the money to make now and close the connection with his customer. He erroneously believes that his customers are the ones that need him; therefore he never builds customer relation and always acts selfishly in his dealings with the clients.

Have a Solid Reputation

Building a successful locksmith business prompt the master locksmith develop his reputation for serving as collateral for his clients to count on him at all times. Since locksmith is essentially a localised business, the master locksmith knows the value of reputation in the closed community setting he serves. Conversely, the regular locksmith only cares about now, he cares less about building a name for the future, and this affects his relationship with clients who often become dissatisfied after he worked for them. While the customers volunteer as referral agents for the master locksmith because of his quality of service and trustworthiness on social media and in the neighbourhood, the regular lock technician continues to jump from one crisis and another with his clients who are most unhappy with him.

Members of professional associations

The master locksmith is a member of the Master Locksmiths Association; these associations exist to protect the interest of their members who in turn obey the association regulations on the best practice. The regular locksmith is never a member of such association and has no standard to follow in the discharge of his work.

Compliance with regulatory laws

Starting a business of any nature in Canada must be in tandem with the existing business regulation of the country, province and oversight association. Being a master locksmith means he is a professional service provider with a registered business that can sue and be sued; similarly, he belongs to regulatory trade associations that he complies with their various laws guiding the trade. On the other hand, the regular locksmith is a ‘freeman’ who works without following any rules and regulations governing the profession. He is hardly known and does not care if any law exists or not.

Where to find a master locksmith in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is a community with responsible authority for orderly in the society. There are standing rules regarding trade and business in the city and the locksmith businesses run by master locksmiths are established organisations guided by professional trade ethics. One of such master locksmiths is the Winnipeg Pure Locksmith that provides full range locksmith services in Winnipeg and its environs.

About Winnipeg Pure Locksmith

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