Do you know a lot about your locks and keys? I bet you don’t. Here in this article, we are going to discuss vital things you need to know about it. So, if you want to know why your locks and keys are fascinating and how to choose the right lock, keep reading.

Locks and keys have been around for a long time. The history started when man started having the desire to keep their belongings and valuable items. From the wooden locks and keys used in Ancient Egypt to an improved lock used in Rome, and fast forward to the lock and key we have today. We can see that locks and keys have been evolving over a long period.

Locks and keys today are more advanced and improved than the locks and keys used a hundred years ago. With the advancement in the technology of locks and keys, it will take a specially trained locksmith to manage the locks of today. So before you choose a locksmith to manage your locks and keys, you have to be sure he is properly trained.

With all that we have said, it is essential to know some things about locks and keys before you buy them. The following are things you need to take note of before you buy a lock.

  • The lock’s security grade

Before you buy a lock, you need to know its security grade. As I said, locks and keys today are more advanced than the locks and keys used a hundred years ago. So you have to know the security grade of your lock to utilize it to the fullest. The majority of locks have been tested, and have been graded or rated. You need to know its security grade to understand how stable, secure, and durable the lock is. You should never overlook the security grade of any lock you want to buy as it will help to figure out how long it will last, it will also help you choose the best lock for your home or office.

  • What kind of lock you need

Before you buy a lock or key, you should know what type of lock you need and what you need it for. Nowadays, unlike before, locks don’t come in a general form. You need to say what you need the lock for and choose a lock system that fits your criteria. To be certain that you are buying the right lock, you need to know the type of lock you can install. There are different types of locks you can choose from for your home. These locks can handle everything from doorknobs, smart locks, deadbolts, door levers, and door knobs. Most of these locks can be used for interior and exterior purposes, although some of the locks have their specific applications.

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  • What can the lock do to benefit you?

Gone are the days when locks were super easy to pick or drill. Nowadays, some locks are more sophisticated than others; some come with anti-bump, anti-drill, and anti-pick features to keep your home safe and secure. So before you choose a lock, you have to ask yourself “What can this lock do for me and how can this lock protect me?”

  • Where will the lock be used?

When it comes to buying a lock, the location of the lock matters. However, it is shocking that most homeowners don’t consider this because they don’t see the importance or even know about it. The location of the lock is critical, and it shouldn’t be overlooked. A lock can only achieve its full potential if installed in the right place. High-security locks are better used on exterior doors than interior. Interior doors don’t require high-security locks; it is preferable to get a lock with a minimal amount of security for the interior doors. But you should always get a high-security lock for the exterior doors that will help to keep your home safe.

  • Installation of the lock

It is crucial to think about installation before you buy the lock. To install your locks, you need to hire a professional locksmith. However, hiring a professional locksmith is not an easy thing to do. That is why Winnipeg pure locksmiths are here for you. If you need a locksmith in Winnipeg, you shouldn’t look too far as the company offers 24/7 emergency locksmith services to suit your needs.

However, if you live in Winnipeg and desire the best locksmith, here are three questions to ask before hiring a locksmith to install your locks:

1. Has the locksmith an office in Winnipeg?

You may have found a locksmith online, but you want to confirm if he has an office in Winnipeg you can visit. Please note that in Canada, each province regulates how the locksmith industry works. Therefore, it is better if you can affirm the locksmith indeed has a presence in Winnipeg and is duly certified.

2. Is he insured and bonded?

Before you hire a locksmith, you need to make sure he is insured and bonded. Professional locksmiths have insurance and bonding that can cover any accidental damage that occurs in the course of their work. Bonding companies will run a background check on the business owners before they issue accreditation. So for a locksmith to be insured and bonded, it means he is real and a professional. Also, make sure you choose a locksmith who is a member of the Locksmiths Association in the area.

3. Ask for an up-front estimate

When you speak with a locksmith on the phone, always ask for a price quote for the services you require. A professional locksmith will be able to tell you the estimated cost of any services even emergency services. So always make sure you ask for an upfront estimate over the phone.

Getting the right lock for your needs is not always easy to do. But with the help of a professional locksmith, you will be able to get the right key without stressing yourself.

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