What services does a locksmith do?

Locksmith is a highly versatile and beneficial profession. It is not only about helping you when you are locked out of your property or when you need a key cutting. These are part of several services a professional locksmith is trained and certified to offer. Locksmiths are like postal service; they are not only about letter postages, but they render an array of developmental services that help the economy to blossom.

To clear the air about the locksmiths and give you an in-depth education about what they do, let’s consider the various services a professional locksmith is trained to deliver starting from what you already know; shall we!

1. Key cutting

Whatever the type of lock you have, a professional locksmith is trained to cut the key for it. It doesn’t matter if the key is for your cabinet, back door, padlock, garage, uPVC door, or even your car or any kind of vehicle keys, a locksmith is trained and equipped to cut keys. The key cutting services include any of the following:

  • Machine key cutting
  • cutting keys manually using only one hand and a set of cutting tools
  • restricted key cutting and
  • security keys

2. Windows and Door locks

Locksmiths are specialists in handling standard UPVC doors and window locks in residential houses, UPVC locks. Professional Locksmiths Winnipeg is trained to supply, fit, service, and fix doors and window locks for clients.

3. Auto locksmith – car keys

A section of locksmiths specialized in handling automobile keys. In the case of lockouts, missing car keys or ineffective transponder keys, these locksmiths will handle them to your satisfaction. The set of keys they handle is listed as follows:

  • Cutting general car keys
  • Program car key remote keys, either when the car ignition is changed, or other technical faults happen
  • Repairing car keys and locks
  • Replacing lost car keys
  • Helping car owners in cases of lockouts

4. Handle Security Safes

If you need security safes for your home or office, locksmiths are professionally trained to recommend one that is appropriate for you and help you to fit it properly wherever you want it installed. Typical safe services often delivered by locksmiths include the following:

  • Supply and installation of safes of various types
  • Repairing of safes
  • Help in moving or relocating large vaults and security safes as required
  • Opening safes and vaults if the need arises

5. Residential And Commercial Access Control

It is part of the job of professional locksmiths to recommend, supply, and install an electronic access control system for your home or office to control the movement of persons in and out of your premises and account for individuals who use the access door. But note that not all those who claim to be locksmiths are prepared to handle this sort of service because it’s a particular knowledge area of the profession.

6. Emergency locksmithing

Since locks issues don’t discriminate the time they happen, a professional locksmith does not distinguish the time they work. Therefore, offering 24-hour emergency locksmith service is rendered by a host of locksmiths to help their clients with locks troubles in the following areas:

  • Spare key cutting
  • Burglary repairs
  • Emergency Lockouts
  • Help with lost keys

7. Handle lock malfunctions or corrosions

When locks malfunction or suffer corrosion, whether it’s a digital or traditional locking system, a locksmith is trained to handle such cases. Such cases could present as technical glitches, corrode parts, tumblers rust, or the lock suddenly stops functioning, perhaps due to overuse, age, or abuse. Usually, a mobile locksmith is on hand; just a call away.

8. Break-ins

A breached home isn’t a place anyone wants to stay until the lock is fixed. In such cases when your property suffers unlawful entry, the right person to call after the police should be a locksmith, and it usually is in many cases to change locks or repair a breached one. Such services required in case of break-ins are as follows:

  • Change locks
  • Rekey Locks
  • Upgrade locks
  • Advice on a better security system
  • Provide high-security locks
  • Recommend other safety measures and precaution

9. Car lockouts

When your keys get locked in the car or in the trunk of the car, and you do not have a spare key to access your vehicle, a mobile locksmith is your only rescue. Once you call them, they will meet you anywhere you are to fix your troubles. They are usually equipped with the necessary tools to fix your lockout on the spot.

10. Train new locksmiths

For continuity of the profession, some locksmiths offer to take apprentices for training in locksmithing. After the apprenticeship, the trainee will sit for the local authority trade exam as a technician in locks. There are locksmith associations organized according to provinces in Canada and other countries around the world where a locksmith may belong.

Now that you are aware of several services professional locksmiths do provide let me add that you will need to learn how to hire a professional locksmith so you won’t regret your action afterward. We discussed this subject already in another of our posts titled: “Tips to Choose a Great Locksmith Winnipeg” you may want to read it for a better understanding of how to choose a great locksmith.

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