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Choosing the right lock for your home

Your door lock is among the most critical elements in home security; it is the first defense against unauthorized access to your premises. You will be taking your safety to the next level of seriousness by selecting a lock that is trusted to provide burglary-proof protection.

We will discuss below some options of locks found to provide the best defense against theft; they are 5 best keyless door locks you will find in any market that sells unique keyless locks and also we will discuss other options that offer equally high-security safety for your property and protect your family from men of the underworld.

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It is a fact that 30% of burglaries take place through thieves entering the house through a window or unmanned door; of course, the unmanned door is a door without locks, you need everything in your power to provide secure locks both for windows and doors for your greater security.

As your 24 hour locksmith, we are motivated in this article to offer useful advice to protect your esteemed family and assets from people whose jobs are to cause others pain! We quite understand how overwhelming it is to sift through a long list of cylinders and locking systems out there; it is, for this reason, we thought it would be helpful indeed to help you choose from a few best locks.

Lock choices are unlimited

We have endless Change Locks Winnipeg options according to your resources and desire, but choosing the perfect home solution needs to be convenient and dependable. Your home locking system needs to address every access point to prevent vulnerability. It is always a point of vulnerability that most break-ins in homes or offices happen. To give you the deserving peace of mind, you need locks that will secure you, your family, and your assets.

The following list of locks, grouped according to technology, is acclaimed worldwide as among leading locks that guarantee safety:

  • Mechanical locks

They can be in the league of high security locks which secure your door by remaining closed until the mechanism is released. Like a key, the mechanical part triggers the deadbolt or multipoint locking mechanism to hold the door in place. To unlock deadbolt locks, the key or knob handle is turned to turn the mechanical part to move the bolt out of place to release the door. There are multipoint systems locks, e.g., Mortise or RIM systems secured from several locking points and controlled in and out at the same time by one key or knob. They are reliable and secure against break-ins; these types of locks are the best choices for highly susceptible break-in points for doors designed for sliding.

  • Digital locks

There is a digital revolution going on around the world; this digital engineering is not unmindful of the door security system. Thus, we have advanced lock solutions presented as a digital or biometric lock. These advanced locking systems use remote access as a key to lock and unlock your door; you don’t need the standard keys for access. They are highly adaptable and programmed to meet your basic needs. Some of these digital doors can integrate door-viewing cameras and other advanced access point security to enhance your protection by identifying and authenticating whoever approaches your door. The advantage of this locking system is convenience where any member of your family can have access as long as you want them to go in and out. The solution is scalable and available for everyone who desires to have it installed for them.

What lock is best for you?

From the security point of view, we think there is no one-size-fits-all all-locking option. Different doors require different locking systems according to your security plan to keep your door safe. It should be noted that high-security locks are always on the high side of expenditure, this means they should be considered for access points with high vulnerability. The doors that connect to the outside of your home should be regarded as a priority. Unless you have highly valuable items kept in a room where the door needs extra strength against break-in, you need standard locks to keep them safe.

For example, a psychiatrist may want to install high-security locks to keep their home office secured to keep patient files and medications safe from unauthorized access.

  • Your door material should complement your locking system: Change locks Winnipeg to high-security lock demand you have a door that supports high-security locks. Otherwise, the door material can be the break-in point when the lock refuses to budge! Therefore, you should pair doors with locks. When choosing your lock options, also choose your door option carefully. For high-security locks in Winnipeg, we suggest metal, decorative, and vintage doors known for their toughness and offer high safety.
  • Don’t ignore safety standards: Safety provision is created to benefit from the best standard the product can offer. A door is designed as protection against theft, any door that meets industry standards will provide that safety. After assessing the doors and locks suitable for your doorway, the next job you have to do is to find out if it meets safety standards. For instance, there is a Grade 1 certification – Highest Grade Security; Grade 2 certification – Higher Residential Security; and Grade 3 certification – Basic Residential Security. All these are ANSI-recognized security locking suitable for different applications.

If you have learned a couple of things regarding how to best secure your home or office, and you need further professional assistance to choose and install the best security-grade locks and doors, you need to contact Winnipeg Pure Locksmith.

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